you are looong gone baby

28 June 2016







I will tell you an old story about a long time ago. First there was a girl and a boy. The boy told the girl he fell in love at first sight and never wanna leave her side. The girl was flattered of his words and his sincerity. However there where obstacles outside and the boy failed her.




The girl has always hated drama with backstabbing bitches and scrubs, so she just said to herself. Whatever! And continued in life happily, untouchable.




Looong time after this she hears thru the grapevine she is the big talk of, and the people are far far away from this country. But she is still haters first subject. Girl laughes and thinks - what loosers  - let them continue focusing about talking about nothingness - instead of looking at themselves.


Peace out with love and understanding / Alice in Wonderland