gucci - alessandro michele - renaissance

29 May 2017






"Gucci Resort 2017 Meets Madonna of the Goldfinch. Appropriately enough, Michele showed this dress in a shade of blue that Pantone could rename Virgin Mary. It, and the flash of red-orange, echo the pastoral rendering of the Madonna in Raphael’s painting dated circa 1505-1506.Photo:; Madonna of the Goldfinch 1483-1520, Raphael/ Photo: Getty Images"



Det är precis den här känslan jag ofta får av modet, känslan av igenkännande. En likande känsla som i Marcel Prousts "På spaning efter den tid som flytt" när Madeleinekakan, efter att doppats i lindblomsteet och förts till munnen, ger upphov till minnen från det förgångna som bara väller fram! Precis så känner jag ofta när igenkänningsfaktor från historien har en stor del i nyskapandet av mode! Kanske därför också jag älskar dessa bilder från Vogue. Detta visionella sätt att se mode, som sker på ett sådant sätt som mitt djupa intresse för mode och modets historia och särskilt då historiskt representerat i porträtt, är en del av min fil.kand i konst/modevetenskap. Igenkänningsfaktorn hög, nyskapandet brilliant! Magikern Alessandro Michele för GUCCI <3 Pussen




"Gucci Women Spring 2017 Meets La Primavera. If you were clad in this gorgeous draped diaphanous gown of Michele’s, complete with gauzy billowing sleeves, you’d be dancing under a tree laden with fruit too, as the three Graces do in Botticelli’s sublime La Primavera, which dates from between 1477 and 1482.Photo:; Primavera, 1478, Botticelli, Sandro Photo: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy / Bridgeman Images"




"Gucci Women Fall 2017 Meets Madonna and Child with Angels. Comparisons galore here: Celestial blue velvet? Check. Heavenly headpieces? Check. Dame Edna-esque bedazzled shades? Nope. Still, this eyewear would have looked fantastic on that Madonna back in the day, if that day was 1983, and not some time between 1450 and 1465, when Filippo Lippi painted this paean to the Virgin Mary.Photo:; Madonna and Child with Angels, 1455, Lippi, Fra Filippo Photo: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy / Bridgeman Images"




It's just this feeling I often get from fashion, the feeling of recognition. A similar feeling as in Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" when the Madeleine cake, after being dipped in the lindenflower tea and brought to the mouth, gives overwhelming rise of memories from the past! Similarly, I often feel when the factor of history recognition has a major part in the innovation of fashion! Maybe therefore, too, I love these pictures from Vogue. This visionary way of looking at fashion, which takes place in such a way as my deep interest in fashion and fashion history and especially when represented historically in portraits, is part of my BA in Arts/Fashion Science. The factor of recognition high, the innovation brilliant! Magician Alessandro Michele for GUCCI <3 xoxo




"Gucci Men Fall 2016 Meets Portrait of Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals. Way before The Young Pope made cardinal red hip, there was this Michele caped ensemble, whose vivid red recalls the robes worn by the religious dignitaries flanking Pope Leo X in Raphael’s painting dated circa 1517.Photo:; Portrait of Leo X 1475-1521, Raphael/ Photo: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy / Bridgeman Images"



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