travel lifestyle - update

05 September 2017









My last update it about travelling! In the end of september I will travel to London with my father, a regular trip we do together a couple of times every year for some serious shopping and some daddy/daughter alone time. Precious moments <3

You must know by now that I do love to travel and Dubai have a very special place in my heart. So, for the third time this year I just booked a week in the end of november, wiie! Not so many tickets left when I booked my flights yesterday. as I always travel there with my favourite airline company, Emirates. Nothing beats Emirates when flying: Suberb food, excellent staff and such professionalism with everything! Love em :) Dubai has so much to offer, first of all ofc that my bestie Angelica lives there <3 But there is such more in Dubai as the beautiful beaches, amazing adventures, shopping, food, climate and all the friendly people living in Dubai. This time I do think we will rent a car and drive to Abu Dhabi as I got an invitation to Formula 1. Maybe we will book some hotel in Abu Dhabi or live on a friends boat? Angelica has her apartment in Dubai, but I am sure we want to stay in Abu Dhabi and not travel back and forth the entire week.  Soo Dubai, soon we meet again! <3