Paris Fashionweek - Part I

27 September 2017





Saint Laurent


Paris has opened up its fashionweek in a very strong manor! The Saint Laurent collection was out of this world <3 I can not think of one look that I would not die for to get to wear! But on the other hand, a dead body does not make the look great at all I think? :) On this subject I want to turn from the absolutely fab collection by Saint Laurent that was so on fleek and turn to discuss the choice of models. With those ubersexy looks that really puts a womens legs in focus, why choose so many models with horrible legs? There were so many fashionmodels that was too thin and lean with legs that showed off no beauty or sexiness at all, just boney and crooked. As I present some of my fav looks here, I had to exclude some looks from being posted due to legs that damaged the whole visual sensation of the created magical fashion. Maybe there was an actual choice in the presentation to show off ugly legs, to make a story that everybody could wear these looks no matter how the legs look or everyone it beautiful in his/her own way? Well, I do not think so! The world of fashion is still about beauty and that is one of the reason it has such a big place in me! Call my superficial! :) xoxo





Christian Dior


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