chanel on a tuesday

03 October 2017







I did really like this collection and I think it talks to me extra much because it is sooo much Gabrielle. I love that Karl Lagerfeld take the "see thru" perspecive to another level. How tired am I of all dresses and looks where the underwear and cameltoe is showing in full? Why wanna go out all dressed up for a fab party in a beautiful gown where the focus turns to what you are wearing under it? Therefor I do love the idea of "see thru" in a more modest and modern form as in this collection. I also do love the references and feelings of the fab 20-30s :) Another thing that hit me is the poses: The female models feels so strong and fierce visually, although mainly styled with looks in bright and pastel colors! Smashing combo for me! xoxo






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