who´s a dumb blonde?

13 October 2017







Yesterday GUCCI made a stand againt fur! I simple love when fashioncompanys take responsibility in different areas :) On the other hand fur is not my personal way of taking stand, instead I choose my very own way. I use fur, but I do not use fur that could have produced in a process where the animals was tortured for their skins, therefor I avoid fur from rabbits, wolves, foxes and seals for example. I eat meat and use products made of leather, but I try to be more aware of my choices in thoses areas too. I try to educate myself about our planet and the enviromental issus as best as I can, therefor I have made my own principles to follow, as above about fur! But also in the area of eating meat. I have many friends who are vegan, I am not! I try to eat more chicken and only from chickens that are from Sweden and that are living freely outdoors. I also have goals to eat read meat only a few times a month from local producers in order to make sure that the cows for example are not transported a long disctance and also that they are living outside freely eating grass. This choices are quite easy to make in Sweden, especially as the food is so well tagged in different ways.:)

As I saw the movie "Before the Flood" I added one more rule to make my own personal stand: I do avoid palmtree oil!!! The reason why? Look at the movie and discover how much the plantations of palmtrees in order to produce oil are done at the expense of a whole rainforest and for that our entire planet. Palmtree oil exists in everything from ketchup to soap, so I always look at the table of contents of all products just to make sure! 

Everybody can make an effort for this planet, choose your very own personal way! Educate yourself in the subject and be sure that every effort counts! xoxo