in need of inspiration - mrs alice

02 November 2017









As I currently are going thru the forth day of being sick home from work ever in life, I am in great need of inspiration. What better inspiration than my absolute favourite instagram account, MrsAlice :) In the future, if I am floating into a dream of lifegoals: What better way to live than with my very own amazing lovely family surrounded by horses and hounds while working within the fashion industry? Just like MrsAlice: I like to be a MrsAlice in the future, haha! <3 

What´s up besides this? Well, I have been sleeping away my high fever this entire day and hope to be well very soon as I will fly to Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels on Sunday afternoon, where I will spend upcoming week. I am also dreaming about an interview about my thesis about CrownPrincess Victorias dress choices, especially as the Nobel Banque is coming up soon. The thesis you can find here!

Life in general for me feels like I am truly utterly blessed <3  So bye bye for now as I am about to continue with my dreams into the la-la-land of Mrs Alice! xoxo






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