a look in the future - and - a summery

12 November 2017









As I look into the future all I focus on is that I am just a week away from a looong needed vacation with my bestie Angelica in Dubai. Ofc, she will not be free all the time, due to work at Emirates, but we have booked a boattrip to Abu Dhabi to watch the Formula 1.  This is the third vacay this year for me when it comes to travelling to Dubai, one of my favourite places on earth! Pure magic! <3

Then a short summery: Job wise I have been at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Bruxelles the entire week :) Soo much fun and so fulfilling in many ways <3

A weekend summery then when I am at it: Well, last night was partynight and we ended up at Grand Hotel with a bunch of players from Colorado Avalanche. We hang out all night/morning until just before they had to leave for the airport. Great fun, although I must add that they did have some posh attitude that did not get my approvement at all, so I decided just to sneek away. Maybe hockey is so big in Canada and America and that is what makes them brag and stuff? I have hanged out with a whole lot of NHL players from Europe recently, as one in Bostons Bruins that is a czech player, much more fun with a great sense of humour and healthy modesty. Although, I do feel I should not be judging as they all probably have girls hunting them and that might cause them to loose their manners, haha! As for me, I am not that kind of girl at all!!!! On the contrary, I am the one hard to catch, almost impossible! ;)  xoxo





Picture of me in beautiful Dubai earlier this year.