louis vuitton - giving is the greatest pleasure

23 November 2017







I started to plan gifts for all that I love for Christmas this year. Then I thought, what a fun thing it would be to just give away things from my wonderful world of Louis Vuitton? Christmas for me is that time of the year I feel a pure admost joy,  surrounded by all the people I love, friends and family. <3 I really thank my lucky star for being soo utterly blessed in life!

So many people and animals in this world are effected of crisis, war and pollution, seperated from family and friends with difficulties to see any hope for the future. Therefor, in addition to the usual Christmas gifts, I will make a donation to UNICEF for their work. I urge you to do the same! Give a donation for a cause you belive in. Never forget, Christmas is about giving! xoxo












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