royal fashion @ nobel

10 December 2017








Soon, The Swedish Royal Family and their fashion choices for the Nobel Price cermony and banquet will be revealed :) I presume all the Princesses will wear design from Sweden, especially after the success last year (that year of Royal fashionchoices by some strange reason actually followed what I suggested in my essay after my summerys from historical royal fashion litteratur, surveys with fashion media and from my close interviews with members from the Royal Court).  Maybe I had an impact, that I will never know for sure thought as I worked in the dark (although others mediapersons, as fashionjournalists and fashioneditors, take cred for, and use, my work with the thesis. Which is okey if it will be for a better sustainable fashion future)! :)

I do soo hope that our Crown Princess Victoria will be bold enough to wear vintage this year. I hope she will be even more strong in her sense of personal style from a sustainable perspecive this year and make a choice not to just wear something from her mother Queen Silvia. Instead I want her to be a role model and choose something typical Swedish (historic handcraft) from the former Swedish Couture House  "Märthaskolan", maybe a dress worn before by someone not from the closest family circle. This would be a sure way to make a statement when in comes to actually wearing vintage as others, not royals, wear vintage. My second, or alternative, suggestion this year would be too look thru the collection at the Royal Castle "Livrustkammaren" and choose from all the garments in the extended Royal wardrobe. 

Probably, I will not get my will thru? Probably her stylist, who during the work of my thesis questioned my vurm for the CrownPrincess wearing vintage, will just choose something from a Swedish Designer or from H&M. Might also be a fashionchoice of a look Queen Silvia has worn before, as the CrownPrincess already has got so good headlines this year for those fashion choices? That would be a bit mainstream and not feel enough fashion forward!

I want CrownPrincess Victoria to stand out even more. Go further ahead and lead the stylish way with her vintage choices. And for heavens sake this year, wear a look that stands out in colors and patterns. I really hope our CrownPrincess will shine through as the excellent future Queen she will be!xoxo