13 December 2017








Yesterday was a flashback day! That kind of day when your most aweful memory in your entire life turns up and knocks on your brain! Hello, you have not forgot about me I presume? Those memories you just wanna shut out of your life, although surely never gonna be completely forgotten! Some memories you can not really hide from! You might have thought that the most critic point has been reached and you have worked your way thru it, but then again, lifechanging things lingers! Why can´t some memories just be thrown into the ocean, like a rock, completely gone in the big blue?

Do not misunderstand me! I am still sooo very strong, I am still feeling utterly blessed in life <3 I am loved and I feel love for others! I have not lost any hope in life and I do consider myself a very lucky person! The one thing I might have lost is trust in people! Or maybe, I trust people, but not the devil inside them! xoxo