hmmmm - dudes?

27 December 2017







Hmmmm, dudes! Now that Christmas is over and you finally have time to just reflect about life, dudes come to mind :) Many years has passed since I last had a relationship. Many years has passed since I last dated! The struggle is real! Just kidding, I actually always felt no-stress when it comes to "matters of the heart". I have never been that kind of girl that needs attention from dudes to feel complete. Maybe I am very confident or maybe I am being quite the opposite, very afraid? One thing is for sure, I will never settle for less: Less love, less passion and less soulmate! I decided years ago never to start dating anyone who has a personality that will not attract me in the long run. A dude that want to come close to me needs to stand on his own to feet, have a drive and being content in what he is achieving for himself in life! This is for me the difference between a boy and a man and is for me equal important as passion, love and desire! 

Maybe I am in the wrong town, maybe I am in the wrong country? When I very seldom finally feels that this could be that dude, he always tend to live abroad! How will I then find out if he is Mr Right? How will he then find out if I am right? I do not really have answeres to those question, if I had I would surely tell you. All I know is that I would travel to the moon for being close if it felt right.

Then on the other hand how would he know that! I am not the kind of girl that talks of those things easily? If I would describe my nature it is old-fashioned. I do need someone to take me under his wings, someone who leads the way! Trust, loyalty and exclusiveness in love is a must, if I ever even should dare (or choose) to start dating. 

But the again no-stress! What happens will happen! Faith and destiny is everything! I am so truly blessed in life so far, love with Mr Right would be like icing on the cake! xoxo