as christmas is over....

27 December 2017






....much to do! 


First up, is fixing my Christmas gift from Chanel! I have wanted it for some time and finally they will get it in stock at the Chanel store in Stockholm, either this week or next! So, one of my many gifts this Christmas was a promise from Santa to get this goodie a.s.a.p it comes in store! <3

Second up, is as I am starting working today <3 I will have to fix a present from Louis Vuitton that Santa gave to my dad. It needs to be hot-stamped so this have to be fixed in store today :)

Third up, is that I am going to miss my lovely collegue and rock at work, Satu :/ She is leaving us from Louis Vuitton Stockholm to work at Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels instead! Surely gonna miss her a lot! xoxo