2017 - a summery

31 December 2017










2017 - a summery! Many things has happened this year and I feel I finally went from being a little girl to an awesome woman :)

First up starting off this summery: Jan 2017 started with a trip to Dubai, to my lovely Angie! During 2017 I have travelled 4 times to Dubai, a place that I absolutely adore! Besides travels to Dubai I have travelled to sooo many places 2017, just to name a few: Miami, London, Marbella and Bryssels :)









Second up in this summery: Finally got my first BA!!! A BA of Arts with Fashion Studies as mayor and ethology as minor (I am thinking about taking one term to have a BA in Ethnology too in the future?)  My average grade was B (Although I was receiving A:s and B:s in almost all of my exames) My thesis was "For Sweden in Time - CrownPrincess Victoria - dress choices in royal duties". I worked closely with members of the Swedish Royal Court and writing the thesis was both such a joy as well as a blessing. Actually no one of the Professors and Doctors at Stockholm University thought I would receive help from the Royals, sooo I must say I am soo thankful for them letting me into the Royal Wardrobe <3 (Maybe I had a bit of a head start as being a neighbour to Prince Daniel just before his marriage, or do they know my familymembers actually is based upon german nobilities (A Prince) just about 100 years back?) No, I do not think so! Instead, I think we should be proud of a Royal Family that are as modern and transparent as they really are! <3








Third up of this summery: After my BA in March, while I still was working at Imagegroup I seeked a new job opportunity at Louis Vuitton, part of the LVMH Group. This started up with interviews at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels and after that interview with the manager in Stockholm, Mr Mehdi Rabhi! I got the job and signed my contract in June 2017. I love my work and my colleagues soo much and will sign a new contract soon (I was offered being a fulltime employee, but choose to have a short contract instead). LVMH is the largest fashion company in the world and I thought if I manage to do an awesome job in Stockholm I will be able to work abroad at some position av LVMH if that is where my life course will take me in the future? 







To finish off this summery we come to the most important in life: Family and love! <3

As I look back during 2017 I am so thankful for my mothers recovering from her major stroke during 2016.  I am actually so utterly blessed with my parents who always been there for me and loving me enormously! <3

I am also soo thankful for having my awesome click of friends! When it comes to love during 2017 then: No way Jose!? Or, love may finally actually have hit me just recently? 

2018, I am on the lookout for an new awesome year! xoxo