at the recent catwalks - my analysis

09 February 2018










Is it not wonderful with all those gorgeous supermodels in fashion? I always felt that beauty boosts all fashion, call me backwards if you want to :) Therefor I have been so pleased with fashionhouses using real muses and not instagram babes! Gianni Versace supermodels of the 80s on the catwalks of today by Donatella, magic moment. Ubermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell walking on the catwalk during Kim Jones exit as creative head of Louis Vuitton menswear and ofc male supermodel from the 80s Cameron Alborzian walking down the catwalk for Dior. All these wonderful models proving that beauty is ageless and fashion needs beauty!

Back to the purpose of this post. Here I present the short analysis I promised in a post before, based upon all collections showed at the catwalks this year so far. The collections as you already must know is sometimes genderless in its labelling, so bare with me as I do not use the term "menswear" for a female look dressed on a woman. (There must be a change in the labelling of collections soon. I would prefer if the fashion collective completely abandoned using gender in the name of the collections and found another logical and modern system) I must add that the looks I present is based upon what direction and ideas I was most inspired by. These looks are ofc also trendy and fashionforward, with fashionforward I do think modern fashion should be innovative although have a "blast from the past" in its modernity. Modern fashion should also say something about todays society, almost like a reflection. Fashion for me, and I do think the world of fashion agrees, is also about creating ones identity and expressing oneself. Therefor I must, although I am not happy about having to do this, single out Vetements and the blurry collection with an idea of wornout clothes bought in some small basar with no choice to pick garments and style it up with a fashionable sense. The only purpose with the styling felt like the clothes only purpose was to cover the body from the weather for people who do not wanna go naked. In a modern sustainable fashionway I would surely use vintage instead, if I wanted to dress the Vetements way! :) I found no innovation, no creativity, no modernity and no beauty in the collection and its different parts and looks, at all!! What was the message with that collecion? That fashion is out of fashion and has no place in modern society? Fucked up! Feeling also like fashionworld is getting lauged upon, that for me is serious as I do think fashion is an important voice today as it always been historically too!!  




In order looks from Haute Couture collections ss2018: Valentino, Roland van der Kemp, Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli, Chanel and Givenchy Haute Couture SS2018



Ok, let´s start off with the haute couture collections for this up-coming spring and summer. Ofc there were so many different looks and themes, although I do love the silver/70s/slim looks. 70s seems big all summer and has been so for a while now as well as silver and metallic. These are my choices of looks that I would literary kill for to get a chance to wear myself! Gorgeous!!!




In order looks from Menswear collections fall2018: Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dsquared2, Dior, Haider Ackermann, Louis Vuitton and Balmain.


Secondly we come to the menswear collections for upcoming fall/winter! I must add that many of the collections was genderless although labelled menswear. Big trends are fur and metallic. I also do se the marking of cuts in colored and applications on the edges as coming up strong.The 70s is also strong in menswear and I get a bit of Harlem pimp feeling, hehe! Metallic is also a big trend in menswear. I was very impressed by Kim Jones creations for Louis Vuitton. Not only for the collection as a  whole, but also that some ideas was so on-fleek and fashionforward. With this I think that the colored tights for men, almost like the legs was tattooed was genious. Legging is such a comfy way to dress, and dressing men in leggings with cool short over was a success I did not see coming! Pure love!



In order looks from RTW Collections fall2018: Versace, Dsquared2 and Emelie Janrell



Then last, but not least! The recent looks for women from ready-to-wear collections for fall/winter. 70s yet again so strong trend, as well as the slim cuts and strong metallic colors. Fur still strong and if men should look fab this fall as Harlem pimps, women should look fab as luxury hippies from an offspring of music festival Woodstock 1969! Love these current trends being just right up my alley talking to my fashionheart! xoxo



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