louis vuitton - career

15 February 2018







Sooo much going on in my life at the moment, bare with me for just throwing up short posts and pics! I have completely forgot about my career interview that took place last monday with my mentor flying in to Sweden! Louis Vuitton are very satisfied with my work, as I am very satisfied of being an employee. <3 We talked a lot about all the different career paths available for me and also in which countries those paths can be taken! Louis Vuitton is a part of LVMH, which for me makes it clear that the fashionsky is the limit if one has the right education and really succed at work showing daily improvment. Fashion is like oxygen for me and the walk within the fashionindustry feels like it has only started :)

Yet, I have already planned to try the L.A. life during late fall! Not for working with fashion, as I already has asked for a leave during fall in my contract with Louis Vuitoon! I have a lot of friends in L.A. and I also have close friends who are major Hollywood producers and has been onto me alot lately about trying to become a serious actress?? I know I have a special helo around me in moving image and in personal, hehe! Although, I am not sure at all that would be a path for me? 

I think L.A. for myself is more about having great fun and after that experience, Louis Vuitton will have my fashioncareer in their hands! Or? xoxo