much ado about fashion

26 February 2018









Omg time really flies! Sometimes I feel I get nothing done, then I find out I am doing to much! Well, work is pure grinding and at the same time a pure joy!<3 Sometimes I feel I really need to develop my fashion sense further and try on something new! On the other hand I love my work and my collegues at Louis Vuitton, sooo offers of a new jobopportunity must involve something truly exciting for me. Money has never been my drive! It have always been about developing myself and building up my fashionsense for the global fashionindustry, especially withing the "luxury" segment which is my speciality.

Today is my day off work! No lying at the sofa at all! Errands and meetings are taking up most of the day, I do have time for lunch with Ello, a manicure and a visit at my grandmother :) One thing I just found out is that I have failed you readers as I promised to post my analysis of London fashionweek last weekend. Now the schedule for me is too hectic, as this website takes a lot of time to keep up.  You know that I have already posted my analysis of New York Fashion Week. London and Milan fashionweek analysis will be posted asap, pinky promise! Btw, do not forget that tomorrow the fashioncircus arrives into a new fashioncapital, Paris! Superexcited!!! xoxo