changes at home

14 March 2018









My home is an all white home with the traditional old oak parquet in the entire apartment. Floors from the origin of the house being 1880s. Now, it is about time for a change. Next week I will be moving out for an entire week due to a renovation of the entire apartment. One big change is that the floors are going to change into dark ones. First they will prepare the parquet and the dark stain and after that put a laque finish layer. All the wallpapers at home, see top and above, is in a brown scale from Osborne & Little.  I do belive they will look even more awesome with the new coloring of the floors. 

What´s up beside this? Well, still struggling with my major concussion! It was my days off work from LV anyway wednesday and thursday, but on friday I do think I will try to make it to work :) The doctor instructed me to take it easy for about a month, soo I will try my best to take his advice and not stress so much at work. 

As today is my first day not spending the entire day in bed,  I have been a wifey and fixed an asian dinner at my home for bae Jenny! Cosy evening <3 xoxo