never judge a book by its cover

04 April 2018









...I really do love that expression! One may look as happy, sexy, outgoing and careless on the outside, although on the inside sadness, fright and chaos. You can never really know about people, can you?

I learned yesterday about another saying "People live three parallell lives: Public, Private and Secret". Is that true? I do know I have a "public life", not as being a celeb or influencer at all,  just as the result of me using different kinds of social media and keeping a public fashiondiary. This is a front that I choose to show as one side of my personality. Honestly, its actually a very tiny part of me :) "Privat life" on the other hand has soo much more to do about personality with choices in life, ups and downs, ones own choices and things that just happens to you and hit you down.  Not many people, besides family, are close enough to me in order to have access to this life, my true existence. Then we arrive at no3, "secret life". Well my life is actually without any secrets for the one closest to me. The ones I in fact to trust have full access both to all my inner dreams, thoughts, actions and feelings, as well as the hardships in life! How would I else feel so utterly blessed, even through hard times? You know who you are, I cherish you enormously! <3 xoxo