louis vuitton - time capsule - madrid

08 April 2018






Louis Vuitton has announced the opening of its 'Time Capsule' exhibition at Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza from April the 17th to May the 15th. 

So, if you are in Madrid do not miss out on this exhibitions as Louis Vuitton tells that: "Visitors will enjoy unprecedented access to some of the most valuable pieces from Louis Vuitton’s archives. Guided tours of the exhibition will be provided".

As I understand some truly iconic pieces are to be seen at the exhibition. For example these desirable masterpieces below! Custom made luxury based upon the factors that I, as an academic fashionscientist, value foremost: Tradition, heritage, craftsmanshift and modernity.  xoxo




Louis Vuitton Trunk for Jean Du Taillis, Africa 2013.  Jean Du Tallais was once of the most famous rally drivers and requested this car trunk to transport his belongings on his route through Algeria and Tunisia after his great adventure from Beijing to Paris.



Louis Vuitton Tea-Case made for the Maharaja Sayajiro Gaekwad III in 1926, read more about it thru link here.