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16 April 2018









What an inspirational image <3 Today was my last day working at Louis Vuitton before my vacation! Although do not despair, I will be back in the end of next week :)

This morning was all about my presentation at work. As being a topseller I was glad to share my ideas about sale strategies with all my darling colleagues. As always I was a bit nervous before the presentation. Being a bit nervous before I do think is a big plus, it really makes me step up to the performance. Maybe extra so, due to having a whole different approach to sale. I spoke for about 15 minutes and the feedback after was absolutely amazing. <3 

In the fashion industry there is soo much more then modernity, heritage, quality and innovation. It is, as I see it, foremost all about creating and satisfying desire. All my academic studies, fashion science and ethnology, has guided me enormously in social relations within the fashion industry. For todays presentation I was thinking about specific academic fashion courses as "Luxury and Desire of all time" and "The rise and change of the global fashion industry". Although even more so about the ethnology courses as "Perspective on everyday life and social organization",  "Perspective on man, culture and society" and "Clothing, groups and boundaries".

As I meet a new customer I always "blank" myself! I do my admost to see beyond first impression and try to let the relation between us and the conversation that takes place, guide me completely. You can not really see what kind of products a customer desires. I do also think it is more honest and even a more a truthful way to boost the customers experience. As a salesperson I am truly interested in what you as a customer want, need and desire, my own ideas based upon first impression can be the opposite of the truth in this area. Some people want to belong to a special group, some people want to differ from those groups. Some people are thinking more practical and some people are not thinking practical at all. Some people want to show off and some people just wanna fit in. Every customer is different, as well as every person has their very own desires, before coming into the store. Never forget that! The huge difference between insales and on-line is the meeting, the social experience within the store. To be relevant, in the global change of the fashion industry and the change of customer behaviour, one has to see the social interaction with the customer as a journey where the goal is to and meet up the customer expectations. Remember: All people want to be acknowledged!


My top advices are:

1. Never let first impression, and your very own perspectives, guide your sale

2. Have a truthful conversation where you are prepared for all relevant questions about the fashionhouse and its products.

3. See the customer as a person who want to be seen for what it shares about themselves while interacting with you.

4. Never try to sell a product that you are not absolutely sure that fulfilles that actual customers desires with that purchase. Customer satisfaction.

5. Always be correct and friendly.



I could write all evening about social relations within the fashion industry! Sadly I do not have any more time left for this tonight! Now, time to pack in order to get my luggage ready for my flight for Miami tomorrow.

Last, but not least; Here I present some of Louis Vuitton latest arrivals that I adore for summer that is just around the corner <3 xoxo




Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote PM and Louis Vuitton Capucines PM


Louis Vuitton Venice and Louis Vuitton Petite Malle



Louis Vuitton Twist MM



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