walking on

29 April 2018









After 10 days of chock and grief I am walking on in my life! I thought that I walked on over 2 years ago, although sadness and chock hit me like I never would have expected. My body got out of function both internal and external. Been crying most of the time, mostly in the beginning. Blessed I was in Miami then and not in Stockholm to get a distance to the familiar town and the familiar faces.

Now I am finally feeling like really and truly walking on when it comes to matters of the heart. With every end there is a new beginning! 

So, please forgive me for my absence :/ Turbulent times has really hit me and I have needed to be close to the people who matters the most in my life <3  Will continue fashion blogging from now! xixi




Picture of my wonderful Mulberry shoes has the function as a illustration to this post.