bernard arnault - lvmh

06 May 2018










As you already have figured out I do love interviews and discussion about fashion. This is about Bernard Arnault (head of LVMH) and his way into the luxury fashion industry. The interviews are really eyeopening on how a person, that is all about creativity, at the same time can build up a buisiness in this extraordinary way. 

I do love the discussions about what luxury really is and also the thought about the fashion industry in the future! What I do lack in the discussion is the perspecive of creating desire as the customer is about to do his/her fashion purchase choices! Ofc, the spot is on modernity, craftmanship, heritage and creativity. About recruiting innovatore in design from the best fashion universitys. Although there is much more people needed in the fashion industry and further more much more fashion studies than design and PR. The fashion analytics in as for instance how the luxury products need to be presented, not only in adverts and catwalks, yet even further in the creative and thrilling meeting between salesperson and customer that has to take place on a certain platform to create the all important desire. The future is very much about wanting to be seen as an individual and wanting to be acknowledged for this. These questions and analysis should get a larger focus as I want to make clear in just a few sentences here. The future of luxury stores for instance, is making geographic places where the customers feels welcomed, relaxed and acknowledged. With this said I can go on to my etnology academic studies as for example citylife in a distant future with the creation of luxury market places for the urban cities.  The demands and challenges for architechts within the luxury industry to forecast the change in cutomer behavior and how to meet up this changes. I do not presume to say that the days of internet shopping will be over, although the demand of the luxury customer is soo much more about beeing seen and acknowledged that the discussion I see really focus on today.

I do not have time for this now, trust me I will come back to this further in a more analytic academic way in the near future. Now off to catch the sun this lovely sunday! xoxo