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16 May 2018











Last evening I went on-line to click home some swimwear as summer is on its way. I have always been a sucker for Victorias Secret since my early teens. :)  Although nowadays I do feel both the show and the presentation on the website has lost its magic glow completely. Do not get me wrong the women are gorgeous as usual, truly sexy angels! I would like to be one myself ofc, although 171 cm in height is not enough even if one has a true killerbody and charisma ;)

Back to the matter on my mind: The presentation of Victorias Secret swimwear is, sorry to say, booooring! Nothing with the show nowadays or the looks on the websight makes me wanna buy that magic that use to be the signature mark of Victorias Secret. I do think that company has to meet up to the current netmarket and meet the customers on a completely different level in order to create desire and get back that validation that was so strong before. Look at the images below:  1. nervous models feeling out of place or afraid of water maybe? 2. half a cameltoe showing, where was the stylist? 3. Akward poses not showing off their great bodies in a positive way. Well, I could go on and on and on! What happened to the magic of using amazing photographers as Russell James, Ben Watts and Jerome Duran?. What happened to making that photo magic with uberangels? 

Then I said to myself why not check out the Swedish websight NA-KD. Tell me one thing, why do this smaller company with less gorgeous models and probably not such superphotographers succeed where Victorias Secret fail??? NA-KD use of course beautiful models and they seem to feel comfortable in the swimwear with the appearance of strong modern women of today. The looks, and fashion, actually made me click home some new swimwear so actually they got me hooked.

I have during my academic studies in fashion and ethnology learned a lot about photo analysis and also how to send messages thru exhibitions and shows. When I get it down to for instance Roland Barthes theory, all I can say is:The message the sender was hoping the receiver would get, was missed out on for Victorias Secret and so failure in presenting producs  leads to failure in keeping customer desire on a high. Example=myself!

Well, may companies in the world has to rethink how to create desire for now, next seasons and long-term. The world of fashion is so vivid and colorful at the moment, so one must dare to take steps ahead in a will to try to foresee the future. When I do think about it. The world of fashion is so much about the innovation, creation, modernity, PR, marketing and branding, sooo strange then that many fashion companies do not have fashionscientists hired to do market analysis and precictions within the fashion industry?? Might be that my education is so new, the industry does not even know what it consists of, or how much etnology as to do with fashion? How would those companies then know how much they would benifit from having staff with that education? 


I love the fact that this is my own lifestyle diary! No considieraton to commercials or adlinks and so forth! I may tell my own min exactly as it is, at least as long as I am my own boss here! As long as I have the opportunity to use this channel, I will do my admost to let you readers from all over the world, know my opinion about the global world of fashion. Naked and truthful! xoxo




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