The bound between father and daughter

18 May 2018










It is so true there is a very special love between father and daughter. As usual every year,  I went with my father to Miami a couple of weeks ago. Amazing days and amazing evenings with laughter and deep discussions in a perfect mix. I can tell my father exactly everything, he have my back no matter what - unconditional love both ways. This last weeks I have preferred to spend my evenings with him. Our evenings together has always been so important for us. Just the two of us loving every minute spend together. When I was a child I waited for him to come home late lat in the evening. Then we always went out playing tennis on the empty schoolyard, climbing trees in Djurgården or going biking. No matter how late or how dark the evening was! Mother always let me stay up very very late as she thought it important for father and daughter to spend quality time alone. 

This last weeks we have been hanging out almost every second evening. I have prefered it that way as I miss having him around daily. We like to grab some dinner or take loong walks around town together. One thing that is quite funny is that my father is still so freaking good youthful looking, dressing trendy that sometimes people who never met him with me before, actually thinks I am on a date :) Awkward, hehe! Love him to bits! xoxo