mrs alice - rolemodel

19 May 2018









As everyone is looking towards the Britain today due to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, I choose to spend that time indulging my top instagramaccount of the word Alice Naylor Leylands, MrsAlice! <3 

When I look at her pictures I dream away to the time I myself will be a Mrs Alice. I also wanna work in the fashionindustry in some way, I also wanna spend a lot of time with my children as they are growing up. I also wanna have an awesome husband and live in a marrige where family always comes first. I also wanna live a life surrounded by horses and hounds. 

Mrs Alice is the only true lifestyle rolemodel I ever found on social media. Belive me, Mrs Alice you got me hooked on a freakin awesome feeling! xoxo








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