what is on my mind?

23 May 2018









These are the things on my mind as I woke up this morning:


1. Work 

Just about 2,5 months left before my looong vacay. I decided last year, as I graduated, that I would have summer-fall 2018 all to myself. Travel wherever I wanna travel. Live wherever I wanna live. So from July life will be all about myself :) This last 4 years I have been studying more than fulltime and working on the side within the fashion industry halftime or fulltime! I am proud of my achievements and feel I have earned and deserve off this hectic rollercoaster called Life.

2. New opportunities

I got a job assignment for the first week of August in my mail last week. All details included and I can not figure out if that career is for me, modelling I mean. Amazing photographer with an amazing work background. The job is catalogue for swimwear and lingerie. The salary between a 5-6 figure dollar income!! As you know me, I am not thinking about the money at all! If I would sign that contract it would be all for getting a new thrilling experience. Well, well I have not decided yet? 

3. Last month grief

Been on a huge mourning period this last month. I have also kept my mourning and chock away from social media with the deepest respect for someone who did not want to be in the public eye! Been shaking and crying for the first two weeks. Now as four weeks has passed by,  at least I can sleep an entire night without tears. I still miss him, the life that could have been with a soulmate that I now know also acknowledged me in the same way! <3

4. Matters of the heart

I will never never ever settle for less! I will never ever be with someone who do not trust and respect me for the person that I am! Judge me on the outside and you will never find out what is within my soul. Love and kindness will find its way! I am in absolutely no hurry! 


Thats all folks! Time for an afterwork this evening as Louis Vuitton HQ is in town! Fab! xoxo