saint laurent - menswear - spring 2019

07 June 2018






Saint Laurent



Omg! So legit! What ubersexy menswear collection Anthony Vaccarello has created for Saint Laurent! Pure adore for me! <3

I love the 70s influentual vibes on fashion, especially when it proves to be legit as fashion of today. Those Studio54 vibes, those vibes of Mick Jagger not giving a fuck about anything but expressing himself. This rebellion collection is so legit and makes a woman like me feel a bit passionate whimsy ;)

This collection also sends me back to academic basics as I get a flashbacks to what Kawamura wrote about the difference between clothing and fashion. Clothing is just a material product, fashion is a symbolic product. Clothes you can touch, fashion is untouchable. Clothes are necessary, fashion is optional. I also get hit by how fashion depend on a certain change in the social structure of society and needs a modern society based upon transparence and flexibility. How much this collection provides vibes that everything is possible and manifests male body and sexuality. Rebel rebel, yeah!

I also take in the vibes by the choice of styling the models. This collection with its clothes dressed upon this type of bodies, makes a pure fulfillment of joy. About beauty and the choice of models and styling I look back at my ethnologic academic studies about "Hair". Especially what Biddly-Perry and Cheang wrote about how the hair has a function from a social perspecive based upon theories about hair as a fallosymbol and the cutting of hair as a symbol of castration. Still in todays society, long hair stands for social freedom and rebellion. The way men keep their hair in a certain socity provides facts of partiarchate, extremism, secularization, tradition and modernity in that society. It is the flexibility of hair that empowers a system of representation and identity. Another theorist, Douglas, did analysis of shaggy and smooth hair to illustrate the relationship between body and situation. He came to the conclusion that shaggy hair, still a symbol of rebellion, can be found among those professionals who are in a position to critique society, in particular, academics and artists. Smooth hair, however, is likely to be found among those who conform.

The modern male identity that Anthony Vaccarello provides with this collection, styling and choices of models make me feel a bit fuzzy inside :) "You making me feel hot, hot, hot!" xoxo





Saint Laurent


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