a sunday at torö - solitude

10 June 2018








Today is a day for reflection. Reflection of these last months and how it really hit me so hard. Angie will pick me up in her car very soon and then time for a roadtrip to her beloved countryhouse at Torö. I need nature and I do crave ocean and that salted wind in my hair. I also prefer to spend my time with Angie as I truly love her and the way she always pick me up from the deepest bottom with her smile and positive attitude to life. 

I might be a bit extra sad that I did not get the chance to say goodbye, as I of course was not invited to the funeral. It is hard to face the fact that someone who said I was his true soulmate and was forced from me by foul play from his entourage, would approve of my not having the chance to say farewell properly.  I must put this behind me the best as I can and of course learn from what happened. Love does not conquor all, as least when people lie, cheat and put you in a bird cage without a chance to fulfill your inner dreams! I do not blame anyone but myself for not understanding the foul play going on behind the curtains from those wanting to keep you out of love and all for themselves! I am sorry for that! Maybe I am a too goodhearted person to understand the evil inside some people. I miss you sweet music man and I will never forget the time we spent together that we both thought was the beginning of something magic for the entire life! xoxo