#makeapromise - louis vuitton

29 June 2018









For the third year of its partnership with UNICEF, Louis Vuitton help to raise awareness with funds that will support the most vunerable children of the world. By purchasing the Silver Lockit Fluo, our clients come to aid of more then eleven million children in Syria and neighbouring countries.

Since the start 2 years ago, over 4 million USD has been raised to UNICEF amazing work, by this partnership with Louis Vuitton. (The Silver Lockit Fluo retails at €250, €100 of which is donated to UNICEF)

The Silver Lockit bracelet is a symbol of protection and the design, and innovation by George Vuitton in 1890, is inspired by the tumbler lock. The sterling silver padlock is held on a cord, available in five colours (yellow, orange, pink, blue and black).

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