friyay partay

29 June 2018









Friyay and what a friday it is!!! This is my weekend off as I only have that once a month, so will ofc go all-in. After work at Louis Vuitton today I will hurry home to fix some dinner, then Ello will be coming over to my place. When I think about it I get a bit dizzy: Only 2 weeks left of my contract at LV. Why did I choose to end it now? Why, as I do not have any workplans at all up-coming fall? Well, need some time for some legit mindfulness and destiny is all :)

Very soon, out into the night :) Start up around 10 o´clock as we will meet up Angie at Mister French, after off to V/Wall. Me and my beeps got this shit covered! Watch out! xoxo