alice - who are you?

06 July 2018











Well, I am very well aware of who I am! What you see on social media, is not what you get though. Alice´s Wonderland is soo much more then the made up illusional world of social media. I am by nature private and a bit oldfashioned. A paradox perhaps, not only for you who see my picture and follow me on snapchat, but for myself as well. I have tried my best to keep at least my pictures on instagram, this diary and facebook without any sexy half-naked pictures and also without any alterations as photoshop at all. And I am proud to be real in that sense, still today! I am no model today so I do not need to look like an instagrammodel to stay valid :)

Now, I have began my social media absence, as in taking a break! I need time for mindfulness and sometimes I find myself spending way to much time on nothingness! It is my very own fault, like going with the flow! So, this Alice will now try to truly live in her real Wonderland for a couple of weeks, all without social media! See ya later dudes! xoxo