mmm - marbella

26 July 2018









Woke up early today. First an early appointment and then off to meet one of my lovely LV clients, who nowadays also is my dear friend,  for a lunch out with her daughter <3. These days are all about gaining energy and gettning prepared for next lift off. Come this weekend - Marbs here I come. :) These pics you might wonder what they have to do with anything? Well, happy girl smiling providing vibes of the smooth summer evening feeling, in a beautiful tan!!  I seldom do extraordinary things for appearence, for Marbella I will actually prepare with a spraytan! You know I am very fair skin and skinny, now I want to be dark tanned showing off my lean and toned muscles for once. Is that being too vain and superficial? Guess so, although love it! xoxo






Pictures: Romee Strijd captured by Jan Welters for Vogue Netherlands 2017