07 August 2018









Shhhhh :) First I want to make an adress to "Hanna", which is probably not your real name? You have a tendency to troll me, and this is your 2nd time around. Soo, if you do not wanna hush up, at least stand by you opinion as you are most welcome to express your hating by email or message at my facebook Alice Victoria Schneiter Korinth. If not, get a life in stead of stalking me in a way to seek attention from me and my life:) :) :) !!!

It has truly baffled me that the comments, thru almost five years of keeping this homepage running, has always rendered in great comments, great feedback in my email and offers of buisiness opportunities <3 Although, six (6) times (in all) trolls has hit this blog and I do honestly welcome both likers and haters opinions. Haters (trolls), I would appreciate you wrote your remarks to me in person, so we can discuss you opinions in a direct communication. :) You have found me, now I am curious who you really are and also what is your agenda behind the desktop while writing? :)

Today, I was planning an afternoon at Sturebadet. My plans changed as other things got my attention. I took an early morning long powerwalk with Krispy around Djurgården, after that I updated my father on the phone for half an hour about my latest travel experience! How he laughed :) :) Love him to bits <3. Now off to catch up with a beep I did not meet in a while. She finish her work at 3 o-clock, so gotta hurry! Love my life! xoxo