my paradise - dubai

09 August 2018









Soon we meet again, Dubai my special place on earth <3 I already booked flight tickets with Emirates (ofc) a couple of months back. Today I got all the other preperations checked off my to-do-list:

1. I found a wonderful apartment for me at Burj Al Nujoom that I booked and paid today :) An ubermodern apartment with an amazing balcony view and including everything a princess like me would need for an extended vacation some months, including rooftop pool and gym ofc :) (Mum thought I needed a also cleaning lady coming every week as well, so had to fix that too). 2. I also got information and prepared myself for a Dubai mobile number 3. Last but not least I fixed/paid my new travel insurence. 

All prepared for 3rd of September when it is take-off for me. Bye-bye, you little duckpond called Stockholm and Hello my wonderful Dubai <3 xoxo