craving desert - dubai

26 August 2018










I need sand between my toes again and now I am just one week away from my paradise, Dubai! Starting off next week I will live there for a couple of months to get my mojo in life back! Mindfulness is the goal for my extended vacation there this time around! I will spend my time doing things like start painting again, take time for extensive reading, work on both my body and mind and I might even get back in the horse saddle again as I have not been in one since my own horse passed away. I wanna expore the culture too with visits into the desert and vmosques. These are my priorities for this vacation, energy boosting! 

This last week is now being planned: Monday - Wednesday I will live at my fathers place as I will miss him soo very much when I leave! Tuesday we will also visit my grandparents! Family 1st! <3 Wednesday evening I will meet up with some lovely collegues from both Louis Vuitton and Chanel for dinner and drinks! Thursday I will see the Diana Orving show at Grand Hotel as Stockholm FashionWeek is on for ss2019. Friday and Saturday will be all about hanging out the last days in Stockholm with my loved ones! :) xoxo