friday in dubai

14 September 2018









Very much about me living in Dubai for a couple of months is getting empowered. Everyday I start early in the morning swimming. After that a bit of yoga before breakfast.  Every second day, after breakfast, I go to the gym and lift weights or run intervals. In the afternoon I usually lay poolside and read books. :) Love this schedule!  I do not use social media as much as I usually do, as almost all of my days is spent with training and getting stronger and stronger whilst leaner and leaner <3. When I use instagram at all, it is mainly when I walk to the mall or go out to hang out with friends or party. So ,if you think I have a bit of social media absence: It is just that I am either training or chilling and those moments are holy for me and my way of getting stronger day by day, body and mind! Love it! xoxo