i am still daddys little girl

26 September 2018






Undercover ss2019




I think I was about 3 years old when I first started wearing a David Bowie concert t-shirt. This first concert t-shirt my father wore himself at the David Bowie consert 1976 in Sweden/Stockholm Kungliga Tennishallen (The Royal Tennis Court). My father worked with music for a large part of his life. He started up at a vinylstore called Wolfie, continued as a full-time DJ for many years and later on continued to a recordlabel called Vinyl Mania. All my life I have been surrounded by music, as my father still has, and always had, a DJbooth at home :) 

I guess I will get one of the garments from Undercover ss2019 from him as a gift up-coming spring? He will not be able to resist this fashion!  I grew up knowing David Bowie songs and lyrics by heart, why not celebrate my fathers idol wearing Undercover? Dope, although my father is my spacecommander! xoxo




Undercover ss2019



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