bitch - please

07 October 2018









Sometimes I just wanna go down from my throne and say - bitch please! It baffles me how small local instagrammers/idiot/bully get media presence by hating? Time in the air to make up untrue stories? Really, who wanna listen to their made-up falseries and hatering?

New just hit me from back in Sweden that a "mediaperson", or more known as a "national bully" lies in national media/podd. Nothing to serious, as it is just lies! Even though, is it now quite tireing that there is no better stories to tell, then the ones about my little cute yorkie Krispy Kreme.<3 This women could have spoken out the truth: How sorry she felt for her misunderstanding and not knowing the actual fact, that she was thankful for both legal advices for her buisiness and how this discussion ended up in perfect harmony and laughter! Instead, she choose to make up a fairytale to have something to hate about! Poor soul! Poor woman! I do feel for you and pray that you will recover some day from this path and feel that you are in a better place where good energy boost your soul, body and mind! xoxo