victoria´s secret - the show

10 November 2018











As always I am a sucker for the glam in Victoria´s Secret FashionShow. Did not let me down at all this time either! Magic! I have made a choice of top looks on the wonderful angels of Victoria´s Secret this time around.

You might though miss out on a few models? This year eating disorder and wrong idea of body baffled me. I was chocked by three bodys in particular. Therefor I have decided to only put up pictures here of healthy looking VSangels and not infold images of models that I know for sure has a different body by nature to the ones they starved themselves into in order to walk the VS catwalk. It is one thing to eat healthy and keep training. It is another thing starving and training into a ugly sick body, when you have a completely different body by nature. That choice I feel is sending the wrong message to the world about female beauty and especially from VSangels being rolemodels in beauty for so many young women out there. 

(I know what I am talking about. I have a metabolism that is way too fast. Inherited!! If I do not eat very much, or miss out on a meal I loose weight immidiately. I need to eat much, as you must have seen on my instagram, and train to keep my apitite on a all time high level. If I eat like other women nowadays, keeping a carbs low diet, I loose too much weight and although that is my natural bodytype people look at me like I am a sick person. People look at my father and his family the same way. For example my fathers weight is 58kg with a BMI at 18. Myself, I have a BMI now above 16. I use to have BMI 13 until 17years old and it is always a struggle for me not to loose weight)

Back to the magic: I do adore these bodys on infolded images and ofc the wonderful creations from Victoria´s Secret :) xoxo







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