so long

01 December 2018










I have decided to take a pause from sharing my life on this website! (You can still follow me on a daily basis on instagram though). The reason for this is that I do not want to let you down by just being an average fashion/lifestyle blogger. I really do think my strength has been keeping this blog free from ads and also free from altered (photoshooped) images of myself, but foremost containing strong fashion analysis and editoral material based upon a fashion scientific academic perspective.

Life really is all about positive vibes for me and I do wanna indulge in that feeling without beeing stressed about the level kept on this blog, as I know my analysis usually takes many hours/days to really be created in a valid and legit way. These last months I have been on vacation and have choosen not to put time into this blog. Bare with me in this decision! I will be back with stronger analysis then ever one day! Maybe early 2019? But as one very special person once close to me said, I quote - I will be back, but I wnbrb! xoxo





Image by amazing fashion photographer Robert Nettarp (a close friend to my mum)