louis vuitton - rtw fall 2019

06 March 2019









So, finally yesterday evening Nicolas Ghesquière presented his collection rtw aw2019 for Louis Vuitton! Loved it! The collection had a great sense of modernity and innovation based upon craftsmanship in exquisite materials. Luxury fashoin at is best, or as I like to refer to it - Desireable fashion!

I here provide you with a sense about how I look upon fashion collections: First and foremost I "feel" the presentation - the looks, the styling and the room where the collections is presented. I absorb the atmosphere of the entire collection being finished and up for presentation. Secondly, I dig into all the details very very closely. Therefor I here present a video of the entire collection with my choice of images from details I adore. (Do not forget to click on image of your choice for a closer look)

Btw, if some of my former LV colleagues look into this site - I miss you all, and hope to catch up with you, when I return to Sweden! xoxo









All images from www.vogue.com. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look, or download.