alice - back to reality

11 May 2019








After almost 10 months away from serious blogging it is time for Alice to get it together :)


Since fall 2018 I have travelled the world with no other mission than exploring the world and finding new aspects of myself  as in mindfulness. Mission accomplished I may add. Now, I have been back in Sweden for a couple of weeks. During these last weeks I have been moving to a new home and everything has been about packing and unpacking and making plans for renovation, refurnishing and decorations :) Well I just remember that in the middle of that moving chaos I enjoyed a short vacation in Maldives too :) Time flies, now the hour has come for me to:


1. Seek a job within the fashion industry of Stockholm 

2. Start fresh with this blog and take off where I finished last summer and provide deep analysis of fashion and trends from a academic perspecive as well as from a perspecive as being a true fashion passionista.


Sooo,  no more dreaming away and looking at my fingernails while nothing is a must in life :) Pure grinding is something I am really looking forward to get back to again! Strange as it may seem? xoxo