august 2019 - an update

14 August 2019







Just grabbed some lunch and thought I ought to peep in here to keep you updated of my life. Sorry for my absence, although not sorry for the reasons for it :) Summer has been absolutely amazing with lots of travels both abroad and to the wonderful archipelago of Stockholm. Off again the day after tomorrow for an extended weekend - destination London - familytime with my father. Then off again next weekend with friends :)


Yesterday I signed a new job contract, wiie!!! New responibilities and new challenges in the luxury fashion industry of Stockholm that starts off in September. Thrilled of course and even more so as I only last week declined a jobinterview for Christian Dior abroad. I thought about it hard, even more so as I got the offer so unexpected and without a previous contact. Blessed and flattered for sure - I mean Christian Dior -  although Stockholm/Sweden feels right for me at this moment in time. I got quite many joboffers this last month, quite unexpected but most welcome, as I did not reach out and applied for any job myself. Now - decision done - thrilled!


At home, renovation still in progress until September. After everything is absolutely on fleek home - housewarming party a la Alice coming up. Also need to find an awesome kinder(dog)garden for my darling yorkie Krispy Kreme who hates to be at home alone as I myself will start working :) Another thing - Even though I still miss my daily life owning my own horse, who passed away so unexpectedly too young a couple of years back - I yearn to start fresh with a new dressagehorse as soon as I am settled in life. Horses and hounds - a lifestyle for Alice <3 


Now off to Alexander Meyer to style my hair. Simply adore those superfly hair-flips, don't we. Later beeps! xoxo