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26 October 2019








Hey there beeps! Long time no seen. This website get exactly zero of my attention nowadays, even though I would like it to be otherwise. Since I started working it has all been about work work work - preparing for work with fashion googling and buying heeps of international fashion magazines - and - I love it!!!  I am in my right elements and not even a bit rain, as in Stockholm today, can set my mood. The water in my face nowadays can not be anything but raindrops :)

Well, what have I been up to? Working in sales and with client responiblity almost daily.  Also planning the new Acne Studios x Mulberry collaboration. Last week we met up all responible: CEO - PR Manager - Store Managers and little me - to plan the launch together by brainstorming. I think we did awesome, now it is up to see the result after the release the 5th of Nov. 

Then I have been doing visual merchandising at Mulberry, NK access e-.g. A lot to take in with NK Access as there are so many different brands that has to be presented in the most desirable way and ofc also accordning to brand guidelines as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Alexander McQueen e.g. I always like to be prepared to the maximum so ofc I check all collections and the shows to get some inspiration, before I decide how my creative mind thinks the stores will look at its best. You know, find the atmosphere in a collection and spread it by my interpretation in the stores. So much fun!

Privately I started working out again at regular basis - truly needed to get back to daily routins in that area after this summer.  I have travelled to Russia and Paris this last month and very soon I will meet my lovely Dubai for a short vacay as well! Can not wait! <3 Stay cool you all out there  - remember - be kind - always!!! xoxo





01 November 2019 15:48
Too much work is much better than too little :-)