15 July 2020






Truly exhausted!!! One year without any proper vacation and almost never free from work more than one day in a row makes this vacation highly desired and welcome. 

These last weeks at work has been extra challenging as my wonderful flagshipstore manager ends his contract for a new exciting fashion journey in august. Because of this, I have to learn exactly all his responsiblities. Fun, challenging and at the same time very much to take in. A plus is though that I already have some experence of that line of work previously, so not everything is news for me.

Now - lift off - Marbella. Losts of forms and documents to bring this time, as for exemple proof of me actually having covid antibodies.


I will be back next week and for the first time spend the major part of my vacation in Sweden. Probably in the south of Sweden. Sadly, my family can not travel to our country estate in Åland archipelago due to covid rules as we are not citizens of Åland/Finland. Miss that place, but do think one has to do the best in this situation for oneself and for everyone else.


In all - take responsibility - remember - be good - always xoxo