Curator - a new fashion direction

30 August 2020







An update of Alice life - My fashion journey continues in a new direction -  the curator education - in order to develop and strengthen my BA in Arts / Science of Fashion for the future.

When I applied for the education last spring I actually had very low hopes of being accepted. I know my previous work, my education and my high degrees should speak for themselves - I should blame  my low hopes as a fling of low self esteem.

There is something very special about presenting fashion in the most desirable way and at the same time tell a story, or invite the public to form their very own story, based upon a presentation. I am so thrilled to learn more about the "before" and "after" an exhibition. All the work prior to set an exhibition and after - how did it speak to the audience and did it move the audience in any direction?

This education will boost myself both my previous fashion education that was more about media,  commercial and fashionindustry related topics. It will surely also make me see differently on my current job as a visual merchandiser for luxury fashion.

As the education is full-time and I will do an effort to combine it with my current position - No time will be left to care for this homepage in the serious  way I always wanted it to be. So bare with me again - I know I have neglected you - My aim with blogging has always been to vary fashionanalysis, fashion from an acedemic perspective and small fragments of my personal self. I never wanted to be just another influencer selling whatever to keep valid.

That's all Folks - Remember - Be good, always!! xoxo