This week - an update

12 September 2020




Well, this week has mainly been all about reading for my university studies. First off during monday was that I had to submit my reflection on the books "Museums Matter" by James Cuno and also "The Art Museum - From Boulée to Bilbao" by Andrew McClellan. Actually, I submitted my reflection during the weekend as this Monday was all about my other passion, after fashion, as in hanging out in the stable and practising the equistrian sport of dressage that was my whole life growing up owning my own horse. A sport that I have started a-new this summer.

Wednesday was all about a verbal seminarie discussing those books in different chatrooms linked to Stockholm University. After that I have worked at ImageGroup all days including today. During evening and nights I have been reading "A Brief History of Curating" by Hans Ulrich Obrist that really provided  a deep look into museum practice and the connection between the artist, the curator and the public. I had to submit my personal reflection on Monday, although decided to submit it today and got a quick great response from my professor. Tomorrow I will start reading "Fashion and Museums - Theory and Practice"  as I will do a five-minute verbal reflection of that book next week in front of the whole class. I do have to be well prepared as no notes are allowed during the presentation. 

You might ask yourself what these enclosed pictures has to do with this post. Here is the answer - Yesterday I worked with VM (as in being a visual merchandiser) with the fashion monitors we have at Grand Hotel in Stockholm for our franchise brands and our flagshipstores Bottega Veneta and Mulberry. A wonderful setting in a beutiful surrounding. As I was entering the lobby with all those designer shoppingbags filled with bags and accessories a gentleman stopped me and smiled- Someone, has done some serious shopping! he said smiling. I recognized him, but it was later on that day I could put a name to his face. It was our former Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg. He must know fashion as he is married to a fashionista and former singer/artist in the band Army of Lovers.


That`s all folks - and remember - Be good, always! xoxo



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