Darkness - just on the surface

16 November 2020







Well, I am not going into darker times - besides being obsessed with spraytan at the moment. Just wanna peep in to keep you updated. 

Currently I am on an internship as part of my ongoing curator education at Stockholm University. It is very different from my everyday normal work in the luxury fashion industry. My position is at the Scheffler Palace in Stockholm where I my work is to identify and catalogize old fashion costume. The internship is just for 5 weeks and after that I have to present my fashion exhibition. An exhibition that is all about fashion photography that is more than an advertisment, campaign or editorial in the sense that it invites to a discussion about problems in todays society as for example wifeabuse, meat industry, equality and so forth.


It has been pure grinding working almost fulltime and studying fulltime, although it has worked out surprisingly well. Besides that thinking about buying a small apartment near where I grew up at Tysta Gatan. I just have to decide first if I will stay in Sweden longterm or not. Descisions, descisions - well that has to wait to spring anyway. Loving life at the moment. xoxo