Curating in Scheffler Palace - Stockholm

13 December 2020





Jupiter Appearing to Danae Giambattista Tiepolo


Now my internship with curating during November and December in Scheffler Palace has come to an end. I have learned so much about working at a museum with the collections. This was a part of my curator education at Stockholm University. I worked as an assistent to Camilla Hjelm, Head of Art Collections at Stockholm University (I enclose two paintings here)

My tasks has been numereous but foremost to identify  and registrate new art - primarily from historical dress, to do an inventory of art and other objects in the Palace and to hang up art in the newly established art room. A big bonus was working together with my friend Hanna who has more education and knowledge of art, than me being as in being a fashion graduate. 

Now back to the last month of this curator education on advanced university level that finishes with exames in January. This education has boosted my self esteem enormously. Sometimes I degrade myself as in fallin into the preconception other tend to put on woman based upon first appearence. I am who I am regardless of your superstitions and I know I am good. Blonde does not equal dumb and beauty does not take away intelligence. Enough said! 

I will be well prepared for 2021. Covid-19 will keep me in Stockholm during spring, except for some vacationweeks in Dubai Feb-Mar. So with this Said - I am ready for knew challenges. Sweden or abroad? Just hit me up!! xoxo


Sapientia Divina, Divine Wisdom Unsigned